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Common problem

What are the preparations before the heat conducting oil boiler is fired?

For the use of equipment, before the formal start-up, we need more boilers to carry out a full range of checks, then at present, what are the preparations for the heat transfer oil boilers before they are fired? Let's have a detailed understanding.



First, the inspection work before the start-up of heat-conducting oil furnace

1. We need to check whether the oil level of the expansion tank is higher than 1/4-1/2, whether the thermometer and pressure gauge are normal, turn on the power supply of the heating furnace control cabinet, check whether the voltage is normal, and check whether the indicators and display instruments are normal.

2. For the gas main and secondary pressure relief valves, we need to make corresponding adjustments, so that the pressure is controlled at 0.005 Mpa.

3. In the follow-up, we need to check whether the heating furnace and its surrounding environment are clean, whether there are any debris around it, and whether the furnace body, burners, controllers, fire holes, chimneys and so on are kept clean.

Second, matters needing attention in boiler start-up

1. When starting the heat conducting oil circulating pump, attention should be paid to observe the normal circulation of about 0.5 hours after starting the pump, so as to make the pressure stable.

2. When the burner start button is pressed, the operator should observe whether the flame in the furnace burns normally. If there is no fire, the burner should be restarted after troubleshooting.

Thirdly, when the heat conducting oil furnace shuts down, the normal operation should be?

1. If the boiler shuts down because of emergency, it should stop the boiler quickly and remove the burner along the burner hinge to form natural ventilation between the furnace and the chimney to dissipate the heat storage in the furnace. Cool the heat conducting oil naturally to prevent overheating.

2. If we stop working normally, we need to find three steps to operate:

(1) Gradually lower the temperature, close the burner and stop burning;

(2) Stop the operation of the hot oil circulating pump when the temperature of the hot oil is below 70 degree C (refer to the operation procedure of the pump);

(3) Turn off the main power supply and make a good record of handover.

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