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  • Electromagnetic Heat Conducting Oil Furnace
Electromagnetic Heat Conducting Oil Furnace

Electromagnetic Heat Conducting Oil Furnace

Functional Characteristics of Electromagnetic Heat Conducting Oil Furnace

1. Efficient, energy-saving and thermal efficiency is over 99%, and under the same conditions, it saves more than 30% of the electricity compared with the ordinary electric heating rod heating mode.

2. reduce the cost of use and maintenance; heating cables are not damaged, avoiding frequent replacement of heating rods, as well as high temperature carbon deposition of heating rods.

3. Improve the working environment with less heat dissipation, and the outside surface of the heating cylinder is almost room temperature.

4. Isolation heating. Frequency-up heating cable only heats the cylinder and is safely isolated from the heat conducting oil. Avoid fire caused by leakage of heating rod. Magnetization effect on oil to avoid carbon deposition.

5. The preheating time is shorter, which is 2/3 shorter than that of the electric heating rod.

6. Frequency-up control box and heating cable are all air-cooled.

7. Accurate temperature control, temperature difference < 1 C. It can be heated at high temperature, and can be heated to 500 C under the permissible condition of heat conducting oil. Adapt to user requirements.

The Wide Application Field of Electromagnetic Heat Conducting Oil Furnace

1.In the oil and paint industry: mainly used for autoclaves, dryers, distillation irrigation, evaporation equipment, paint drying, baking, drying and high temperature curing heating.

2. In building materials industry: mainly used for drying gypsum board, solidification protection and prefabrication of concrete components, pressing of ceramic tiles, drying of decorative materials and heating of linoleum production line.

3. In road construction projects: mainly used for heating and thermal insulation of asphalt, dissolution, asphalt storage tanks, asphalt concrete and emulsified asphalt.

4. In textile printing and dyeing industry: mainly used for heating of drying and setting device, hot melt dyeing device, dyeing and printing device, dryer, dryer, calender, flattener, washing machine, cloth rolling machine, ironing machine, hot air stretching, etc.

5. In metallurgical, mechanical and foundry industries, heat-conducting oil furnaces are mainly used for metal degreasing tanks, Dewar tanks, pickling tanks, cleaning tanks, electroplating tanks, oxidation tanks of Lvyang plates, electrode manufacturing, shower heat treatment equipment, phosphate treatment equipment, baking machine room, sand core drying, varnish spraying and drying, assembling and finishing. Heating of the device.

6. In the air-conditioning and electrical equipment industry, it is mainly used for centralized or decentralized heating in factories, offices, hospitals, civil buildings and hotels; and for the heating of polishing machines, plate rolling machines, vacuum machines, dryers, drying rooms and vacuum chambers in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry.

7. In the wood industry, it is mainly used for the hot pressing of fiberboard, particleboard, laminate, plywood, veneer panel and the heating of wood drying equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment and gluer.

8. In the food industry, it is mainly used for heating bread baking device, biscuit food baking device, candy production device, grain drying device, cooking oil pressing and refining device, distillation pot, autoclave and conveyor belt dryer.


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