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Common problem

How to clean the heat conducting oil boiler?

After a long period of use, a certain amount of carbon deposit will occur in the furnace wall. If enterprises do not pay attention to the treatment of carbon deposit in the boiler, besides causing a series of unnecessary troubles, there will also be some potential safety hazards. Therefore, regular cleaning of the boiler is very necessary. So what are the current cleaning methods for heat conducting oil boilers?

At present, there are many cleaning methods for boilers, the most common are water washing, oil washing and online cleaning. If you want to ask which cleaning is better, you also need to depend on the use of heat conducting oil furnace.

Among the three common cleaning methods, the most primitive should be water washing. The emergence of the water-washing heat conducting oil system can be traced back to the early 1990s. But compared with the present, the enterprises that have used the water-washing heat conducting oil equipment must know that the boiler can not be cleaned thoroughly by using this method, but because of people's recognition of environmental protection. Knowing that the level of science and technology at that time was relatively backward, water machine cleaning agent had become the mainstream product at that time.

Because of the long shutdown and dehydration of water washing, the water machine cleaning agent has no effect on the hard coking in the boiler coil, and because a large amount of wastewater is difficult to discharge in the system, it is very easy to emulsify the heat conducting oil when adding new oil products, thus reducing the heat conducting oil. The service life of the boiler.

So at present, most enterprises will choose online cleaning. At present, this online cleaning technology is also introduced from abroad and is very mature in domestic application. In order to ensure the safe use of heat-conducting oil boilers, the minor edition here advises you not to blindly clean products now, but to consult more professionals.

In addition, I remind you that once the residual carbon, viscosity and acid value of heat conducting oil exceed the standard, it should be replaced in time. If you want to know more about this, you may as well continue to pay attention to the official network of Yongxin heat conducting oil boiler in Hebei.

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