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Quality assurance, safety, reliability, high efficiency and low cost

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There is no danger of expansion, explosion and rupture of vacuum hot water boilers produced by Yongxin Boiler in Hebei Province
The design life of one machine is 2-3 times longer than that of other boilers.
It can be placed in the basement and on the roof of the building. It operates under normal pressure and the boiler does not need to be inspected.

Strict Quality Control to Make Products Better

Strict Quality Control to Make Products Better 02

The heat-conducting oil boiler produced by Yongxin, Hebei Province, has a generous appearance, compact structure and small floor area.
It bears a large load, has few matching futures, and is easy to install. The boiler parts have been optimized by design.
It also follows the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection manufacturers.

More than 20 years old brand, trustworthy

More than 20 years old brand, trustworthy 03

Yongxin has more than 20 years of boiler production experience, from design to production to installation.
The company has a perfect service system, which has a complete variety, qualified technology and sufficient spot.
After years of unremitting efforts and development, it has gradually become a well-known brand to the whole country.

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Common problem

  • How to clean the heat conducting oil boiler?

    After a long period of use, a certain amount of carbon deposit will be produced in the furnace wall. If the enterprise does not pay attention to the treatment of carbon deposit in the boiler, besides a series of unnecessary troubles will be brought...

  • What are the preparations before the heat conducting oil boiler is fired?

    For the use of equipment, before the formal start-up, we need more boilers to carry out a full range of checks, then at present, what are the preparations for the heat conducting oil boiler before the start-up? Let's have a detailed understanding of...

  • Which factories produce heat conducting oil stoves in Hebei Province?

    As a city with strong productivity, Hebei has many industrial plants, such as steel mills, tower factories, brick factories, and even boiler factories. All kinds of boilers are widely used in chemical technology and video industry....

About us


About us

Yongxin Boiler has a strong marketing team and perfect marketing network at home and abroad.

Hebei Yongxin Boiler Co., Ltd. is an innovative and rapid development company, is a research and development, production and sales of integrated boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing enterprises.

"Yongxin" brand boiler products have covered a variety of biomass, fuel (gas), coal water slurry, coal powder, electric heating and other fast-loading, assembly, bulk steam boilers, hot water boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, boiler transformation, waste heat boilers. New environmental protection and energy saving products: condensing steam boiler, vacuum hot water boiler, low nitrogen boiler, hot air type heat conducting oil furnace. LNG cryogenic equipment, LNG filling station, Class I, II and III pressure vessels and other products. Products are widely used in power generation, heating, textile, printing and dyeing, road construction, asphalt mixing, wood, chemical industry and many other industries.

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